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Put your driving skills on test in the urban arena

Downtown Drift is a racing game where the player takes on the role of a get away driver. Your goal is to land drifts to score as many points as possible. Every time you successfully drift a multiplier increases, so the more drifts you do in a row the more points you get. However there is a catch, anytime you hit something your multiplier resets and you are back to square one. To make things worse, local authorities are out to arrest you.


ActionKeyboardXbox Controller
AccelerateWRight Trigger
BreakSLeft Trigger
SteerA/DLeft Stick
Hand BrakeSpaceB Button
BoostShiftA Button


Downtown Drift is under active development. A lot of things are planned to be added to the game in the future. Here is a list of upcoming planned additions:

  • Enhanced AI for police (coordination between different units)
  • world-wide leader board for high scores


If you have any feedback please leave a comment in the designated section below. Refer to the descriptions of the boards to make sure you post in the correct one. I also encourage you to report any bugs you might encounter, there is a separate board for that.