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DeadEye is an open world multiplayer survival game set in the Wild West. Players can explore a huge, living environment filled with unique towns, landmarks, NPCs and quests.

The game does not by any means reflect the given description yet, however my goal is to make DeadEye a truly great survival game. Since I am working by myself development takes a lot of time. Especially visually the game will stay in a very basic state and will mostly make use of placeholder assets for now.

DeadEye has been entirely developed on stream. You can watch me work live on Twitch, Links below.


The game is actively being developed but currently still in pre-alpha. Players can help to shape and improve the game by giving feedback and submitting bugs and errors.

Read the Devblog for more detailed Information on the current Version.

Player Account

As of v.0.1.4 an Account is needed to play, the only reason for these Accounts is that the Game Servers need to be able to identify you as a unique player. Making an Account only requires an Username and Password, no Email or anything else.


Planned to be released 29th of March.


  • Bug Fixes

Pre-Alpha 0.1.5

Released 20th of March.


  • Bed Roll
  • Small Chest
  • Cost of Building Parts in Building UI
  • Dead Players' bodies are lootable
  • Tent
  • New Vegetation on Map
  • General Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Serverside stability and performance improvements, also ability to recover Server after a potential crash


Released 8th of February.


  • FPS Camera (Fix Weapon Clipping)
  • 32 Bit Client fixed
  • Wolf Colliders fixed

Bug Tracking

If you encounter any bugs please report them here. Try to describe the bug as detailed as possible and attach the output log (DeadEye_Data/output_log.txt).

How to play

Controls :

WASD - Walk

Shift - Sprint

Control - Crouch

Space - Jump

TAB - Inventory

  • When in the Inventory use the Mouse Wheel to switch between Inventory, Crafting and Map
  • Right Click on Wolf Meat to eat

E- Interact

  • Press E to drink Water

B - Toogle Building Mode

  • When in Building Mode, Hold Right Mouse Button to open the Building Menu, Release again on a Building Part to select it


For latest updates :

Discord :

If you want to talk about the game or share your ideas about new features make sure to join the Server :


More information

Published193 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date151 days ago
Tags3D, First-Person, Massively multiplayer, Multiplayer, Open World, PvP, Sandbox, Shooter, Survival, Western
Average durationA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


DeadEye-win-0.1.5 64Bit (175 MB)
DeadEye-win-0.1.5 32Bit (173 MB)


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Were are the servers located, because I am experiencing extreme lag?

Are the servers down? just launched the game and seen there was no servers avalible, besides that what an awesome game so far ^_^


Glad you are liking the Menu lol. There is one public Server that I am hosting, I goes down quite often though. Things should be running more stable soon !

Thank you for the feedback !

No servers :/

Is there another way to play beacause i load up the game create an account and hit play and theres no servers at all. pls help i wanna play this game!

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Hey ThePixlGamer,

I just restarted the Server, so you should be able to play. Unfortunately the Server still keeps crashing quite often, currently working on fixing these problems.

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for trying the game !

I just played, built a base and hunted a wolf, and had no problem. New update was great.

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Thank you for the feedback, that's what I love to hear !

I can't move when I enter the test server. I just stand there staring at the horizon. Sometimes it'll fidget when I try to look around or move but i'm stuck in one spot.

That seems to be a Server problem. I will try to fix it asap.

Thank you for the feedback !

having the same problem. i really want to play this game but i've been running into a lot of problems.

are you doing right now mad th update awesome

Anybody ever thought of making a discord server where we can play/schedule itch,io games?

good point ! I create a Server and added the link at the bottom of the page.

I cant play online, the servers ain't showing up. I did refresh alot of times but it didnt work. Please help

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Hey Hellosayer,

Server Code is really unstable right now so the Server keeps crashing. I am currently working on the latest update, should be done with v0.1.5 by tomorrow (20th). Check back when v0.1.5 is live and things should work correctly.

Thank you for the feedback !

Can't wait for the new update!

Can't wait for the new update!

Hello please can you atleast make private servers for players like it is in other survival games ? Because there is so long waiting for new update...

with private Servers you mean letting people host their own servers ?

I think he means servers that are only accessible to that user.

it WILL NOT let me play on any sever and i refreshed

Hey has this been abandoned no servers are up?

Project is not abandoned, Server just goes down very often. Stability on the Server side is something I have to work on.

I hope everything o.k its now the 23 of feb not that i'm complaining just wanna make sure all things is going well.

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Server is still down T.T

can you makes single player option that would be fun

Yo dude the game looks interesting and I would like to try it out, but no matter what i do, there are no servers listed on the server list, you have any idea why?

The Server is extremely unstable right now, so it crashes all the time. I will look into fixing that with future updates, for now all I can do is restart the Server.

alright thank you for replying i look forward to trying the game out

Good job on the game, it has come so far!

Thank you Tester, I appreciate that a lot man !

Guys...ThatMadProgrammer had some problems when to build 32bit version..He is fixing it for us now....We all are experienced players...we can hold a little...lol.....Cya in Game...Later :)...

It is really looking good so far i'm loving it & it's coming along nicely i would love to do a LP on it with your permission of course when it's completed. I'm only a small youtuber but even the small channels can help get your game out there. Em Just 3 things that happen in game couldn't drink water/ when holding down right mouse button to aim couldn't fire at the same time/ & no wolfs lol. Also i'm assuming your planing on putting a requirement number on the wheel of house parts so we know how much wood we need to get to build that part of the house. But apart from that keep up the good work & hopefully soon the Gods of gaming Youtube will find it & play it. Over & Out :)

There actually are wolves, they are just more rare now.


I clicked play and the server list was completely empty and no option to create a server.

Okay, it showed up. It was probably just my wifi.

Were is the download button?


Hi guys......Just pass by to say Hello ....Looking forward to start on this game...Everydays i check for news .....I believe in this...Lots of potencial.......

Thank you shaguz, appreciate you taking the time to leave a nice comment, Much Love !


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Thank you Klivertts !

Map is not implemented yet so that's fine, Inventory looks fine too, however Crafting is definitely broken. There should be a list of Items to craft on the left side. Can you tell me what Version you are running ? I'm pretty sure this is a problem caused by the 32 Bit Version. This Problem never came up before.

I'm running the 32bit version, hope you can fix that, i really want to play, thanks

ok I got you guys, it's a plugin that I am using, it's probably pre-compiled for x64 not x86. So I will get into that today and upload a fixed 32 Bit Client, that should do it.

Thank you guys for the feedback and Klivertts, appreciate you taking the time and making those screenshots !

Thank you, i'll be waiting

thats the problem i was talking about MadProgrammer nothing to craft and pressing E on a tree dosent work

I feel the water and hunger goes down a little to fast also is it just me or can no one else get food from wolfs. Plus i get more wood using E than the using the axe lol.

Also just wondering will there be a way to fire while aiming your weapon or toggle crosshair & Xbox controller support Thank you & keep up the good work :)

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you for the kind words my friend !

Usually you should get one Wood per second from Gathering (E) and 5 Wood per Hit with the Hatchet. So It should be quicker to gather with a tool, but I will have took into that. Gathering Wolf meat is kinda hard right now, it's semi broken lol. You can get Meat if you hit the dead Wolf with the Hatchet, however only if you hit it in the back/Spine, The Colliders are broken. Hunger and Thirst definitely need balancing, the current rates are really just for testing.

You should be able to aim your gun and fire already, a crosshair will not be in the game, Controller Support maybe in the future.

cool thanks :)

The server is offline? i just downloaded the game and there are no servers in the list

Yeah man...Server down ....Might be working on it right now ...

How to start playing , lol ? There nothing in the map to be picked up or looted...Some wolves but no weapon....Cant craft either, once there is no Raw materials to start crafting a simple tool... :) Looking forward to jump 100% on this game , bro....

Thank you for the kind words, appreciate it. There is a crafting Menu (Tab and then use the Mouse Wheel to get to the Crafting page). You can also Build Houses, when you press B, you enter Building Mode. Have a look at the Controls Section for more Information

the man meant how do u even craft something when u dont have anything to craft with u cannot chop trees or get rocks because u have no hands or tools there are no raw materials

Yes..Thank you for english suport :P ....Craft menu is empty ...cant find even a single stone to pick it up.....I wasnt been rude or something....

shaguz can you send me a screenshot of your Crafting Menu, if it's empty then that would be some werd bug that I am unaware of

Crafting a hatchet doesn't cost anything right now, so you should be able to craft it. Btw you can gather wood by holding E while looking at a tree.

Hey bro...Thanks for the 32bit's ...just log in ....Looks good and potencial....How can i contact you ? I want to help you in your project , really dlike to talk to you...

I always stream on twitch while working on the game. That would probably be the best way to get a hold of me.

(Z.verry nice game, with potencial. I have no stone or an hatchet for material collecting. Update? sorry for my englisch, i translate with google. greez from germany

entende portugues amigo

Hey Malon, du solltest dir eig. eine Axt Craften können(Tab für Inventory und dann mit Maus Rad zu Crafting). Ansonsten wird in den nächsten Wochen mehr Inhalt kommen, bis jetzt musste ich mich vorallem erstmal viel mit Netzwerkprogrammierung auseinandersetzen. Danke dir fürs positive Feedback

du sprichst deutsch?

Character is not drinking water

Perfect online server

do u have skype or teamspeak so i can contact u about the gameplay or something

whats with the server u wrote it will launch in 2h but 3h have past no srw yet showing

Had some problems with the Server, but It's working now. Server will be up in a few minutes.

idk its still not working can u please post somewhere when it works?

should be live now !

yes i just joined and may i ask how do i get stuff like collect ihave nothing on crafting nothing shows and no map

Look at the How to Play Section, Controls are listed there. Hit trees with a hatchet to get wood, that's the only resource the is right now.

bro i didnt get a hatchet ....

You have to craft one lol. Again please look at the how to play Sectio

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Ative o modo solo para jogar offline

i have fixed the download but now there are no servers how to fix that

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