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Hi guys......Just pass by to say Hello ....Looking forward to start on this game...Everydays i check for news .....I believe in this...Lots of potencial.......

Thank you shaguz, appreciate you taking the time to leave a nice comment, Much Love !

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Thank you Klivertts !

Map is not implemented yet so that's fine, Inventory looks fine too, however Crafting is definitely broken. There should be a list of Items to craft on the left side. Can you tell me what Version you are running ? I'm pretty sure this is a problem caused by the 32 Bit Version. This Problem never came up before.

I'm running the 32bit version, hope you can fix that, i really want to play, thanks

ok I got you guys, it's a plugin that I am using, it's probably pre-compiled for x64 not x86. So I will get into that today and upload a fixed 32 Bit Client, that should do it.

Thank you guys for the feedback and Klivertts, appreciate you taking the time and making those screenshots !

Thank you, i'll be waiting

thats the problem i was talking about MadProgrammer nothing to craft and pressing E on a tree dosent work

I feel the water and hunger goes down a little to fast also is it just me or can no one else get food from wolfs. Plus i get more wood using E than the using the axe lol.

Also just wondering will there be a way to fire while aiming your weapon or toggle crosshair & Xbox controller support Thank you & keep up the good work :)

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Thank you for the kind words my friend !

Usually you should get one Wood per second from Gathering (E) and 5 Wood per Hit with the Hatchet. So It should be quicker to gather with a tool, but I will have took into that. Gathering Wolf meat is kinda hard right now, it's semi broken lol. You can get Meat if you hit the dead Wolf with the Hatchet, however only if you hit it in the back/Spine, The Colliders are broken. Hunger and Thirst definitely need balancing, the current rates are really just for testing.

You should be able to aim your gun and fire already, a crosshair will not be in the game, Controller Support maybe in the future.

cool thanks :)

The server is offline? i just downloaded the game and there are no servers in the list

Yeah man...Server down ....Might be working on it right now ...

How to start playing , lol ? There nothing in the map to be picked up or looted...Some wolves but no weapon....Cant craft either, once there is no Raw materials to start crafting a simple tool... :) Looking forward to jump 100% on this game , bro....

Thank you for the kind words, appreciate it. There is a crafting Menu (Tab and then use the Mouse Wheel to get to the Crafting page). You can also Build Houses, when you press B, you enter Building Mode. Have a look at the Controls Section for more Information

the man meant how do u even craft something when u dont have anything to craft with u cannot chop trees or get rocks because u have no hands or tools there are no raw materials

Yes..Thank you for english suport :P ....Craft menu is empty ...cant find even a single stone to pick it up.....I wasnt been rude or something....

shaguz can you send me a screenshot of your Crafting Menu, if it's empty then that would be some werd bug that I am unaware of

Crafting a hatchet doesn't cost anything right now, so you should be able to craft it. Btw you can gather wood by holding E while looking at a tree.

Hey bro...Thanks for the 32bit's ...just log in ....Looks good and potencial....How can i contact you ? I want to help you in your project , really dlike to talk to you...

I always stream on twitch while working on the game. That would probably be the best way to get a hold of me.

(Z.verry nice game, with potencial. I have no stone or an hatchet for material collecting. Update? sorry for my englisch, i translate with google. greez from germany

entende portugues amigo

Hey Malon, du solltest dir eig. eine Axt Craften können(Tab für Inventory und dann mit Maus Rad zu Crafting). Ansonsten wird in den nächsten Wochen mehr Inhalt kommen, bis jetzt musste ich mich vorallem erstmal viel mit Netzwerkprogrammierung auseinandersetzen. Danke dir fürs positive Feedback

du sprichst deutsch?

Character is not drinking water

Perfect online server

do u have skype or teamspeak so i can contact u about the gameplay or something

whats with the server u wrote it will launch in 2h but 3h have past no srw yet showing

Had some problems with the Server, but It's working now. Server will be up in a few minutes.

idk its still not working can u please post somewhere when it works?

should be live now !

yes i just joined and may i ask how do i get stuff like collect ihave nothing on crafting nothing shows and no map

Look at the How to Play Section, Controls are listed there. Hit trees with a hatchet to get wood, that's the only resource the is right now.

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Ative o modo solo para jogar offline

i have fixed the download but now there are no servers how to fix that

um its 4th of February when is the update coming i dont think i can play it with 32bit without u updating it?

Update will be live tomorrow, I will make sure to include both 64bit and 32 bit.

Thank you so much , man .....Need 32 Bit's too :)

can we know the time u will upload the update so we know when to check

Update will be live in 2 hrs

i cannot download it says network failed and to fix that on itch io there is something called i think like alternate download but i dont see that to check the square and fix it

i don't know if this this a bug but when i put the camp fire down i kept getting teleport back to it apart from that loving so far.

Yes, that is a bug that still needs to be fixed, almost forgot, thanks for reminding me lol. Appreciate the positive Feedback !

Launches the new version on February 4?

I will try my best to get 0.1.4 out today, might have to wait until tomorrow.


When comes a new update? There are no servers available. I want to play this game. The start screen is there, but I can not do anything.

Hey malon,

as it says in the description, v0.1.4 drops on the 4th. Working on an Official DeadEye Server right now. With the next update you should be able to finally play the game how it's meant to be.

Slight problem, I don't know how to play the game, I press join server, no servers, host server, that doesn't play the game, local client, freezes, local server, doesn't play the game. If I could have a responce telling me what to do that would be appreiciated.

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Hey Codestar,

lot of people had those problems, I will try to get a public Server going for next Update, that should solve it.However for now have a look at the How to Play Section. Hope that helps man !

(Z.With me the game does not run. I hope the problem is fixed

can this game run on 32-bit?

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Sorry, just realized this is a 64-Bit Build, I will make sure to include both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Builds with the next update !


best game and dev out there :D

Thank you homie <3

I can¨t dowload this game.

what can i do ?

Hey Luis,

try turning off Anti-Virus, hope that helps !

the game have virus?

that not good, it´s a good game (i see) but if it have virus, i don´t like dowload

  • it´s a bad experience
  • it´s sad play a game and crash all time
  • i hate games with virus

The game is not a virus lol. I guess sometimes Anti-Virus software thinks that it is one and therefore stops/deletes the download.

The game is good but the lack of sound of the footsteps is very difficult

Thank you for the feedback !

I will try to add some sound to the game next Update !

thanks for listening

Footsteps are added :)

thank you man

I can not play, I click on "Local Client" and the game is locked. I have to close the game.
Video Card: GTX 1050 ti
Processor: i7 2600k 3.4 GHz
Memory RAM: 8GB
What do I do?

Hey osWaaldog,

have a look at the how to play section at the bottom of this page. You need to host a local Server first to play.

got any gameplay I can watch?

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I was playing DeadEye on my last stream on twitch with my viewers ( @ 1hr and 6min). I was testing the game to see how the new Building System works online.

Hope that helps

Ola Criador Seu Jogo e Muito Bom Porem Ficaria Melhor Ainda Se Tiver a Opçao De Colocar Language Portuguesa Meus Amigos Jogam Tambem ! Otimo Jogo Mesmo

Hey rychard,

I probably won't be able to add different languages at this point. But thank you very much for the positive feedback !

Obrigado meu amigo

Can't get it to work.

Hey Chris,

Have a look at the How to play Section.

Hope that helps !

Ah where is that at?

Bottom of the page, above Controls

Now that I have a mouse, the game is so much fun. It is almost as good as Minecraft and it isn't even finished, so I am looking foward to were this game goes.

Thank you for the positive feedback man !

Working on the Building System and a lot of bug fixes right now.

Is there supposed to be game sound or do I have a glitch where Im not hearing anything

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No sounds so far except shooting the Winchester.

You should host one official server, it is easier and would attract more players.

Hey Steep,

I will be working on that asap. The Server is generally pretty unstable right now and is missing some essential features like saving the current Server state to the Drive. But I should get a Server running within the next month for sure.

Thank you for the feedback !

I can't get past the menu.

Hey Rode,

you have to run a server to play. Have a look at how to play at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps !

I encountered a glitch that when you die and respawn, pressing space will crash the game.

Hey Tester,

thank you for submitting the bug. I am pretty sure I fixed that bug, so it should be gone with the next update.

Thank you for the feedback, everything else seemed stable.

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I was able to play, yet the menu does not display the controls (Example: I can drink water yet I can't attack). Can you please add something in game to give tips and controls.

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I got you man. I will make sure to add proper hints like " E to Drink" etc. In addition a Controls Menu is something I will try to get going as well.

EDIT: Added some basic Controls on the bottom of the Page

Thank you for the feedback !

Thank you for your quik reply.

WHAT DO I DO?It has game time but that's all.HELP.

Hey Jack,

make sure to run a local Server first. When you see the Gametime it means that the Server is running. Now open DeadEye again while leaving the Server running. This time click local Client. Now it should connect to your local Server and you can play.

Hope that helps

i have done as instructed in the comments but it won't let me open another game window ive been dying to play this game please help


you just need to open up the Game two times, then in one window hit Local Server, on the other on local Client and your good to go. I will try to make this process easier and more straightforward in the future, but for now that's the way it works. It should definitely let you open DeadEye more than once.

He means you can't run the game twice straight from the app

sorry dude:(


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Am i able to host and play a server at the same time? Everytime i host i am unable to go back to the menu. I can't even host a local game. Everything seems to be broken :(

Hey Maize,

if you want to play locally, you need to start the Game once and then click on local Server. Now a Server is up and running. Next open DeadEye again and this time hit local client. Now you should be able to play. The Server and Client are two seperate Applications at the moment.

Hope that Helps !


thanks for replying man! didn't expect the dev to reply :D

ThatMadProgammer i can't play when i click on local vlient i got the hud but i'm always on the start screen

Hey spiikiller, make sure to open the game once and click on Local Server. You should see a small panel that says Gametime and a number that keeps on increasing, now you are running a Server on your System. While the Server is running, open the Game again and this time click on Local Client. Now you should be able to play. Hope that helps

So everytime i try to download this, it fails when it gets to 100,0 MBs. Then, when i try to resume the download, the computer simply blocks it.

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Sorry to hear that, unfortuanetly I can't tell why that keeps happening. I am dropping an Update on the 22nd, maybe that will fix it.

its because you have anti-virus on turn it off

Oh, it worked :D

So when i try to make a server it says gametime in the top left and does nothing. HELP

Haven't worked on any Server Interface yet. So As long as the Time keeps on increasing the Server is running. Hope that helps !

ok thanks :I

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