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plz add animals and npc/people  and more servers :) :) :)

how do I get an account ??

can u add some servers

I like this game keep up the good work.

You need to add more servers or add more things and not make it always night...

no severs to join rip 

no servers

can i get your gmail?

it doesnt seem to let me create an account 

coz the name is taken :)

Keeps crashin plz fix want to record a video

Servers not apearing

Everytime i try to join server game just freezes...

I assume that you are stuck on the connecting to server screen. That usually has to do with networking issues, I am afraid I can't do anything about that as of right now. I will look into the problem and try to fix it with the next update ! 


We did a video.

Awesome video, was fun to watch man !

Hi! I love the graphism of this game! but why there is no server to play ??

You can help me ?

Sorry about that, test server crashes from time to time. It should be up now though.

Hi! I loved the idea of the game, it is precisely what i was looking for, but i have a problem: there is no server in the server list so i can´t play. Could you please  help me?

I just restarted the Server, should be up now. The Server tends to crash every 5-6 days for some reason; still investigating why exactly. Thank you for trying out the game, still a long way to go, but we'll get there !

downloading... :)

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uummm just putting it out there there is no servers to click on so how do i play?


Yeah same :-///

dude can you do some update for this game?server is doing fine but need some more options for gameplay ,do more work on this game and put it on steam app, i promise your game going to be on the top 20 free games on steam, keep up the good work!

Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words ! I am currently working on fixing some code, it's a boring and long process, but ultimately I think it will help the project. Adding more gameplay and stuff to do is my number one priority after I'm done with refactoring. Thank you for trying out the game and giving me some feedback, means a lot !

Game has potential, stay determined

Thank you Twinsy, really appreciate that !

Much Love my friend

Who wants to play?

Game looks promising


me just downloaded


you on now?


no playing unturned

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I haven't played your game yet, it's downloading but i'd like to help you improve it.

EDIT : it's downloaded now and i've logged in. i see only 1 test server. You need to get more servers :P

Thank you, very much appreciate that !

There really isn't a lot of people playing the game currently so that one Server has worked out fairly fine so far. Server Stability is also really bad, so I am already struggling to keep that one Server up lol

How many people are working on this game?

Have you made other multiplayer games before?

Just me and first time trying to make a multiplayer game of this scale

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Well, you should try making small games first (by small games, i don't mean 2D or 'small' games).Try singleplayer games first. Ask other devs/programmers to play your game. If they're interested or wanna add more to the game , get their help too. constantly keep searching for what's new/trending in survival games. the main thing is your audience. Don't perform in an empty hall. Advertise your game as much as possible. that's all i gotta say. :D

This might help you >

I can not connect to my account with this error: wrong password

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its not done yet????

ganna play roblox first.

why is not servers

The Server crashes sometimes, I will restart it right now.

where are the servers ma boi?

I havent downloaded the game, is this game have local multiplayer?

It's Online, there is a Test Server that you can play on.


can someone help!!!

i download the game and its says me to creat a account but its not loging me in!!!!

i wanna play this game!!

pls help

Just tested it, Login should work just fine. When the lines below the Username and Password field go red, that means that the Username you entered is not valid. Make sure you use the correct Username !

The game is great so far. One suggestion though, is to add a single-player option for when servers are down so you can still play.

Thank you Tester, appreciate the Love ! I see where you are coming from, however I would rather work on the Server Stability and prevent Servers from going down in the first place than investing time into making a Singleplayer Mode. In the End this is supposed to be a MMO, so that would be a step in the wrong direction.

Thank you for the Input !


True, but having a single player option would be good for the people who like the game, but don't do well in a multiplayer world. Personally, I' not always in the mood to play/compete with other people. It'd be nice to have the MAIN part of the game to be MMO, but having a solo mode for casual play would be nice.
On a side note, if you're ever needing a voice actor, or music, I do both things. is where you can contact me.

thank you man, appreciate that. Currently busy fixing a bunch of stuff, once I'm done with that I will make sure to hit you up.

this game it can be upload on steam

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I currently have no plans of putting DeadEye on Steam. The Game is way too unstable and is lacking content, maybe in the future !

There is plans to make it compatible with MAC OS?

Hey Voveriukas11,

currently there are no plans of publishing the game for any other platform than windows.

Were are the servers located, because I am experiencing extreme lag?

Are the servers down? just launched the game and seen there was no servers avalible, besides that what an awesome game so far ^_^


Glad you are liking the Menu lol. There is one public Server that I am hosting, I goes down quite often though. Things should be running more stable soon !

Thank you for the feedback !

No servers :/

Is there another way to play beacause i load up the game create an account and hit play and theres no servers at all. pls help i wanna play this game!

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Hey ThePixlGamer,

I just restarted the Server, so you should be able to play. Unfortunately the Server still keeps crashing quite often, currently working on fixing these problems.

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for trying the game !

I just played, built a base and hunted a wolf, and had no problem. New update was great.

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Thank you for the feedback, that's what I love to hear !

I can't move when I enter the test server. I just stand there staring at the horizon. Sometimes it'll fidget when I try to look around or move but i'm stuck in one spot.

That seems to be a Server problem. I will try to fix it asap.

Thank you for the feedback !

having the same problem. i really want to play this game but i've been running into a lot of problems.

are you doing right now mad th update awesome

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